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Forza Horizon 3
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September 27, 2016 (6 years 11 months 29 days)

Official Blurb: You’re in charge of the Horizon Festival. Customize everything, hire and fire your friends, and explore Australia in over 350 of the world’s greatest cars. Make your Horizon the ultimate celebration of cars, music, and freedom of the open road. How you get there is up to you.

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Forza Horizon 3, developed by Playground Games and published by Microsoft Studios in 2016, represents an exhilarating blend of speed, scenery, and sheer vehicular virtuosity. This open-world racing video game set against the backdrop of Australia's breath-taking landscapes offers an expansive realm where every horizon conceals an adventure.

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Horizon Unleashed: A Rendezvous with Forza Horizon 3

Reviewed on Windows in January 2023 (Updated: July 26, 2023)
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Forza Horizon 3, developed by Playground Games and published by Microsoft Studios in 2016, represents an exhilarating blend of speed, scenery, and sheer vehicular virtuosity. This open-world racing video game set against the backdrop of Australia's breath-taking landscapes offers an expansive realm where every horizon conceals an adventure.

Craftsmanship Unleashed: Design and Graphics
Forza Horizon 3 outstrips its predecessors in visual charm, with every detail meticulously curated to perfection. The luscious graphics create a believable and beautiful Australian environment, seamlessly blending fictional and real-world locations. Every reflection in the glistening hood of your Lamborghini, the dust cloud from a wild off-road escapade, or the sun setting over the Byron Bay horizon is a spectacle to behold.

Ride of a Lifetime: Car Selection and Customization
The game boasts a sprawling collection of over 350 cars at launch, ranging from rally beasts to high-performance hypercars, each modelled with breathtaking precision. Car enthusiasts will revel in the wide array of customizable options, from body kits to performance upgrades, allowing the game to cater to a wide spectrum of racing styles. From the distinct growl of an Aston Martin to the ferocious roar of a Dodge Viper, every car exudes a distinctive personality that’s music to a gearhead's ears.

The Australian Outback: Open World and Environment
The open-world setting of Australia, filled with sun-soaked beaches, dense rainforests, arid outbacks, and sparkling cities, sets the stage for exhilarating races and epic road trips. The game’s dynamic weather and time-of-day system breathe life into the landscape, transforming every race into a unique experience. The game's recreation of Australia is condensed but never feels cramped, instead providing a diverse playground for racing and exploration.

Revving Up the Crowd: Gameplay and Progression
Forza Horizon 3’s gameplay is a well-oiled machine, taking the series' signature balance of arcade fun and simulation depth to new heights. Players step into the role of the Horizon Festival's director, tasked with building the event into the world's greatest celebration of cars and music. This unique angle affords the player the opportunity to shape the festival as they see fit, providing a sense of progression beyond just winning races.

Pedal to the Metal: Racing and Events
The crux of the game - racing - doesn’t disappoint either. A myriad of event types pepper the map, ranging from circuit races to sprint races, off-road brawls to showcase events, where you pit against a variety of unconventional opponents, from trains to helicopters. The addition of the Blueprint feature allows players to create their own races and challenges, enhancing the game's replayability.

Sound of Speed: Music and Audio
Just like the roaring engines, the music in Forza Horizon 3 adds another layer to the sensory delight. With an eclectic mix of tunes from several radio stations, each curated to perfection, the game's soundtrack is truly in sync with the game's vibe. Whether it's the pulsating electronic beats propelling your adrenaline-fuelled race or the laid-back indie tracks that accompany a leisurely drive down the coastline, the music always sets the perfect tone.

Final Lap: The Verdict
Forza Horizon 3 is not just a game - it's a love letter to car enthusiasts and racing fans alike. It manages to strike a delicate balance between simulation and accessibility, making it enjoyable for both dedicated racing game fans and newcomers. With its sprawling roster of cars, a beautiful and diverse world to explore, and an immersive progression system, it elevates the racing genre to new heights.

While no game is perfect and there can be subjective criticisms, Forza Horizon 3 stands as a testament to Playground Games' dedication to their craft. The rich visual design, authentic driving feel, diverse racing events, and the overall sense of joy and freedom encapsulate the spirit of the Horizon Festival, leaving players with unforgettable memories and the irresistible urge to return to the open road.

Forza Horizon 3 is more than just a game - it’s an encapsulation of the thrill, the rush, the sheer joy of driving. It is a celebration of cars and culture, wrapped in a sandbox of endless possibilities. In the words of Horizon's in-game radio DJs, "Life's a game, and this is the best one yet."

Fun Factor: 95/100
Forza Horizon 3 manages to infuse a high level of enjoyment in every aspect of its gameplay. From the sheer pleasure of driving through diverse terrains to the satisfaction of expanding and managing the Horizon Festival, the fun quotient remains high throughout. The game's seamless integration of both competitive and casual elements ensures that it appeals to various player types. The occasional Showcase events add an extra flavor of thrill, setting you up against everything from a high-speed train to a racing jet.

Visual & Sound Quality: 96/100
The stunning landscapes, dynamic weather system, and top-notch car models are breathtaking. The level of detail is remarkable, and the graphical prowess of Forza Horizon 3 sets a benchmark for racing games. The sound quality is equally impeccable. Every rev of the engine, every skid on the dirt track, and every rustle of leaves in the wind feels real and immersive. The background score and radio stations feature a wide range of music genres, which not only enhance the gameplay experience but also complement the festival vibe perfectly.

Replayability: 93/100
The vast car roster, the dynamic nature of events, and the ability to shape the festival offer a high replay value. With Blueprint, you can create your own custom races and challenges, ensuring that there's always something new to do. However, it's the sheer joy of exploration and driving in the beautifully crafted open world that will keep you coming back, long after you've completed the main events and expanded the Horizon Festival to its full glory.

Level of Challenge: 90/100
Forza Horizon 3 straddles the line between arcade racer and racing sim, offering adjustable difficulty settings that can challenge both newcomers and seasoned racing enthusiasts. The Drivatar system adds another level of competitiveness, allowing you to race against AI representations of your friends' driving styles. While the core racing can be challenging, especially at higher difficulty settings, the management aspect of the Horizon Festival is less demanding and provides a refreshing change of pace. The game may not always push you to your limits, but it offers enough challenge to keep you engaged.

In summary, Forza Horizon 3 delivers a high-octane racing experience, embedded in an enticing open world that captures the vibrant spirit of a car festival. Whether you're a racing veteran or a casual gamer looking for a fun driving experience, this title delivers on all fronts, making it a must-play in the racing genre.

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