Turbo Overkill
Turbo Overkill
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April 22, 2022 (1 years 10 months 5 days)
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Johnny Turbo needs to clean up Paradise, a cyber city overrun by augmented minions under the cult control of the world's most advanced AI, Syn, who's looking to expand to world domination if not stopped here and now. Wall-running, Hero-Time, chain saw leg augments, flying cars and lots of booms. Fight to purge Syn with five new augments, dual chainsaw arms and a second chainsaw leg in the final episode, part 1.

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A Chainsaw-Legged Odyssey in Cyberpunk Mayhem: My Turbo Overkill Experience

Reviewed on Windows in December 2023
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Diving into the neon-soaked, gore-drenched world of "Turbo Overkill," I was instantly gripped by its relentless pace and creative chaos. Developed by Trigger Happy Interactive and published by Apogee Entertainment, this game is a masterful symphony of violence that stands out in the crowded retro indie shooter genre. Set in the neon highrises of a dystopian city, I played as Johnny Turbo, a bounty-hunting cyborg with a chainsaw for a leg, tasked with taking down a rogue AI named Syn.

Gameplay and Mechanics:
"Turbo Overkill" is a blistering ride through cybernetic hell. Its gameplay is unapologetically fast, making every combat encounter a thrilling rush. The movement mechanics, which include double jumps, rocket jumps, wall running, and a grappling hook, add to the kinetic feel of the game. The titular chainsaw leg, used for sliding and shredding enemies, adds a visceral edge to the combat. But it's not just about the pace; the game cleverly integrates platforming sections that require skillful navigation using these mechanics.

The gunplay is a highlight, featuring a large arsenal of weapons ranging from classic shotguns to more exotic fare like a telefragging sniper rifle and an orbital laser cannon. The sound effects and carnage resulting from these weapons make you feel unstoppable. The upgrade system, split between weapon and gene upgrades, allowed me to tailor my playstyle, enhancing the game's replayability.

Level Design and Aesthetics:
Each level of "Turbo Overkill" is a meticulously crafted arena of mayhem. The art direction is strong, with a vibrant color palette and creative lighting that gives each level a distinct identity. The blend of 3D models and pixel art creates a unique aesthetic that complements the game's cyberpunk theme. The levels are large and intricate, combining platforming and combat in a way that keeps the gameplay fresh and engaging.

Story and Narrative:

The narrative is straightforward yet engaging, with enough backstory to give context to the ultra-violence. The interactions between Johnny Turbo and his AI companion, S.A.M.M, are filled with humor and occasional introspection, adding depth to the characters. While the story isn't the most complex, it effectively sets the stage for the game's action-packed gameplay.

Difficulty and Accessibility:

With five difficulty levels, "Turbo Overkill" caters to a range of players. The default difficulty might lean towards the easier side, so players looking for a challenge should consider starting on a higher setting. The game also offers various accessibility options, including adjustments for screen shake, flash, and enemy highlighting, making it more inclusive.

Additional Modes and Features:
The Endless Mode and level editor add significant replay value. Endless Mode allows for customization of combat scenarios, and the level editor is intuitive, enabling players to create and share their levels. These features, along with the robust core gameplay, ensure that "Turbo Overkill" remains engaging long after the main campaign.

Music and Sound Design:

The soundtrack of "Turbo Overkill" is as varied as its gameplay. While it starts with typical electronic metal tracks common in retro shooters, it evolves over time, enhancing the game's atmosphere and complementing its high-octane action.

Fun Factor: 88/100
- "Turbo Overkill" excels in delivering high-octane excitement and relentless action, making it immensely enjoyable.

Visual & Sound Quality: 92/100 - The game's visual and sound design are top-notch, perfectly capturing the cyberpunk aesthetic and enhancing the overall experience.

Replayability: 85/100
- With its upgrade system, Endless Mode, and level editor, "Turbo Overkill" offers significant replay value, encouraging multiple playthroughs.

Level of Challenge: 80/100 - The game presents a fair challenge, especially on higher difficulties, but could benefit from more balanced weapon mechanics and enemy variety for an even greater test of skill.

"Turbo Overkill" is an explosive, creatively designed shooter that stands out for its fast-paced action, innovative mechanics, and stunning visual style. It's a game that constantly surprises and entertains, making it a must-play for fans of the genre. Despite some minor shortcomings in weapon refinement and story depth, the game delivers an unforgettable experience, a testament to the creative potential in indie game development​​​​​​​​​​​​.

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