Family Guy Video Game!
Family Guy Video Game!
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October 17, 2006 (17 years 8 months 2 days)
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Griffin Antics and Quahog Quests: A Dive into Family Guy Video Game!

Reviewed on Playstation 2 in September 2023
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In the vast expanse of licensed video games, Family Guy Video Game! stands out, not for being a groundbreaking title or for offering fresh mechanics, but for its attempt to bring the quirky humor of the show to the gaming medium. Developed by High Voltage Software and inspired by the irreverent comedy of Seth MacFarlane's creation, the game offers players a chance to step into the shoes of the Griffin family. But does it truly capture the essence of Family Guy, or is it just another mediocre TV-to-game adaptation? Let's dive in.

A Tale of Three Griffins

Family Guy Video Game! boasts three distinct storylines, one for each of the main male Griffins: Peter, Brian, and Stewie. Each character's tale offers its own style of gameplay, reflecting their distinct personalities and quirks. This design choice is intriguing because it ensures that the player experiences varied gameplay mechanics.

Stewie's segments echo platformer-shooters, with the matricidal toddler set on world domination and wielding his ray gun. Brian's portions, on the other hand, are stealth-based missions. He's wrongly accused of impregnating Seabreeze, and his gameplay involves sneaking around to collect evidence to clear his name. Peter's story is perhaps the most outlandish. Believing he's been targeted by Mr. Belvedere, Peter sets out on a beat-'em-up spree against various foes. Each storyline provides its own brand of humor, which often aligns well with the show.

The Good, The Bad, and The Funny

The game truly shines when it comes to humor. Fans of the show will find themselves laughing at in-jokes, cutaway gags, and absurd situations, much like an episode of Family Guy. High Voltage Software managed to keep the comedic rhythm of the show alive, ensuring that fans feel right at home in Quahog.

However, gameplay often feels clunky, especially when it comes to controlling the characters. Missions can sometimes feel repetitive, which hinders the flow. There's a certain inconsistency in the game's mechanics that often left me wishing for more polish.

Graphically, the game is decent, offering visuals that largely mirror the aesthetics of the show. The character designs, environments, and animations feel like they’ve been lifted straight from an episode. However, it's worth noting that it doesn't push the envelope in terms of graphics, sticking to a tried and true formula.

Voice acting is another strong point for this game. The original cast lent their voices, ensuring that dialogues and exchanges remain authentic. This aspect undoubtedly amplifies the feeling of playing an interactive episode of Family Guy.

A Mixed Bag of Extras

One of the charming aspects of Family Guy Video Game! is the inclusion of various mini-games and challenges that players can tackle. These diversions, while fun, are not particularly deep. They're meant to provide a break from the main storylines and offer a touch of the unexpected, true to the show's nature.

However, it’s this exact scattergun approach to content that can be both the game’s strength and weakness. For every moment of genuine laughter, there's a moment of frustration with its mechanics or a repetitive mission.


Family Guy Video Game! is a game that primarily appeals to fans of the show. It encapsulates the series' humor, voice acting, and art style effectively. While the gameplay could have benefited from more polish, the game is saved by its faithful adaptation of the show's iconic humor. If you’re a fan of the Griffins and their antics, this is worth a play. However, if you're looking for a mechanically robust game or aren't familiar with the humor of Family Guy, you might find this title a bit lacking. All in all, Family Guy Video Game! is a comedic jaunt through Quahog, offering laughs and frustrations in equal measure.

Fun Factor: 72/100
Despite its flaws, Family Guy Video Game! has its moments of sheer joy and laughter. If you can navigate past the clunky controls and occasionally repetitive missions, the game's humor shines through, and you find yourself giggling at the audacious and sometimes absurd situations. Its charm lies in its comedic beats, which are delivered in true Family Guy style. However, the fun is occasionally marred by technical hitches and gameplay inconsistencies.

Visual & Sound Quality: 85/100
Visually, the game captures the spirit of the show perfectly. The familiar animations, character designs, and settings make it feel as if you're navigating through an episode of Family Guy. Soundwise, the game stands out primarily because of the original voice acting. There's authenticity in the dialogue that few licensed games manage to achieve. However, the game doesn’t do much in the way of pushing graphical boundaries or introducing innovative sound effects.

Replayability: 65/100

While the distinct storylines for Peter, Brian, and Stewie offer some variety, once you've navigated through their tales, there isn't a compelling reason to dive back in. The mini-games and challenges provide some added replay value, but their lack of depth means that they can wear thin relatively quickly. Longevity isn't the game's strongest suit, and it's better suited for occasional replays rather than marathon sessions.

Level of Challenge: 58/100

The challenge in Family Guy Video Game! is less about intricate puzzles or demanding combat and more about navigating its sometimes erratic controls and mechanics. In some segments, especially during Peter's beat-'em-up missions, the difficulty can feel artificially inflated due to the clunkiness of the gameplay. Some levels are straightforward, while others can be frustrating – not because they are inherently tough, but because of gameplay inconsistencies.

In summation, Family Guy Video Game! is a mixed bag. It nails the aesthetics and humor of the show but sometimes stumbles in the gameplay department. While not a must-play title, it is certainly a treat for die-hard fans of the series who can look past its flaws to enjoy the comedic gems it offers.

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